Medical Dutch NT2 Training Course for the Health Sector

Medical Dutch NT2 Training Course for foreign dentists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals.

Are you a foreign health care professional and do you want to work in the Dutch healthcare system? Or are you an employer who has been headhunting one or more new colleagues abroad in order to get around the shortages in the Dutch labour market?

With the Medical Dutch NT2 Training Course provided by De Taaltrainer, within approximately six months, we progress from the beginners level (A0) to an advanced level (B2). Upon completion of the training course, the participants are ready for examination preparation and the AKV-tests, given by one of the external organisations.

Block 1 – A0 to A2 | Online in a virtual classroom

  • From language level A0 to A2 in a group of maximum 8 participants
  • Weekly 1 online group session, 1 x individual coaching
  • Working with other participants and tutoring for self-study
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Study workload: 140 hours
  • Final written and oral examinations and advice regarding the feasibility of attaining the final level of B2

Block 2 – A2 to B2 | at Amersfoort or incompany

  • From language level A2 to B2 in a group of maximum 8 participants
  • Intensive group courses at your location, individual coaching
  • Working with other participants and practical tasks
  • Weekly 4 mornings of group sessions + excursions and working visits
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Study workload: 200 hours
  • Final written and oral examinations

  • Follow and participate in daily conversations;
  • Self-reliance in various business and social situations;
  • Communicate with patients and their family members or other concerned parties;
  • Maintain contact with management and co-workers
  • Participate in meetings or discussions;
  • Understanding, creating and maintaining medical files;
  • Presenting patient statuses and prognoses;
  • Discussing medical topics;
  • Writing medical texts;
  • Pronunciation, intonation and comprehensibility
  • Cultural aspects: manners, practices and customs, cultural sensitivities;
  • Learn to learn and keep learning: tools to continue developing your language skills on your own


This training course is also available as an in-company training course. The planning, group size and focus are, in such cases, specifically tailored to your needs. The Training can be scheduled incompany or at our training location in Amersfoort. Contact us with your wishes for a non-binding quote.


Anyone in the Netherlands who wishes to work as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, psychotherapist, healthcare psychologist or clinical physician, must be registered in the BIG-register. Did you get your diploma outside the European Union or in Switzerland? If so, then your diploma will first need to be officially recognised. This also applies to clinical technologists. In order to do so, you will need a declaration of competence.

You will have to follow the assessment procedure to determine whether this declaration can be issued. This procedure consists of two parts, namely the General Knowledge and Skills Test (AKV) and the professional content test. The results of the tests will determine whether you receive a declaration of competence or if you might first need additional training. If you get the declaration of competence, then you can use it to register in the BIG-register.

AKV-test and professional content test

The AKV test and the professional content test can be done elsewhere, as is also the case for the examination preparation. Our Medical Dutch training course brings you up to the level (B2) that you will need in order to sign up for examination preparation.

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De Taaltrainer only works with trainers who can be described as the best in the business. Together they have experience of working with virtually all the major companies, SMEs and government agencies in the Netherlands.

An in-depth knowledge of sector-specific jargon and job-specific language skills is guaranteed!

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