De Taaltrainer Tale, Maire O'Shea, De Taaltrainer

De Taaltrainer Tale

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Trainster Maire O’Shea maakt niet alleen een feestje van iedere training Engels, ze kan ook fantastisch dichten, schrijven en tekenen. Waarom we De Taaltrainer zijn gestart, en hoe wij zijn gaan groeien en bloeien:

De Taaltrainer Tale

De Taaltrainer started 8 years ago
through passion & trust it continues to grow
with respect for language in all its forms
focussing & supporting our language norms
As they say ‘’it’s about talent & support
by nurturing this, we can see meaningful growth’’
By providing what is really needed
so everyone feels they are properly heeded

Two women met when their kids were in school
Finding talent doesn’t have any rules
They were people who really had passion & cared
This combined ability created energy to share
clear, fast communication with action is a thrill
They are hungry to communicate better
you can see this in the website & newsletter

But overall, De Taaltrainer is proud
And right now it wants to shout this out loud
proud of its staff making foundations sturdy
proud of its trainers, giving the training that is worthy
proud of the client who is in the know
proud of our shared journey with its ebb and its flow