5 Job hunting tips (in English)

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Tip 1

Don’t immediately think your English isn’t good enough. Lots of job ads ask for more than they really need. Give them a call and ask what you will actually need to do in English.

Tip 2

Be confident. Be willing to answer phones in English, write emails or attend meetings even if your English isn’t perfect. You’ll learn as you go and your employer and colleagues will appreciate that you’re trying.

Tip 3

Prepare key words for your interview. You don’t need to memorise a speech but make sure you know how to say your qualifications, past job titles, achievements and plans for the future in English. ‘Branche’ for example is sector (not branch) and there’s no good translation for ‘binnen verkoop medewerker’ so you need to think about how to say it in another way.

Tip 4

Don’t be too modest; be informative. Lots of Dutch people downplay their achievements, which makes it difficult for interviewers to know what they are capable of. Did you lead a team? Design a project? Negotiate a contract? What was the size/scale? Think of some good verbs (the ‘action’) to show what you did. Saying ‘I worked on a project’ doesn’t say anything about your skills and experience.

Tip 5

Just give it a go. It’s all great experience.

Good luck!

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